Daily Blog Updates:

Monday, April 17- Animal Kingdom/Hollywood Studios

Everyone arrived at the airport early, ready for a big adventure.  The flight took off without a hitch.  Soon we were in Orlando.  The buses were loaded and excitement filled the air as we pulled into the parking lot for Animal Kingdom.  The morning was spent enjoying attractions such as the Kilimanjaro Safari, Expedition Everest, & Dinosaur.  Soon it was time to leave.  We departed to the next stage of our adventure, Hollywood Studios. The band spent the afternoon enjoying attractions such as The Twilight Zone Tower of Terrors, Rock 'n' Roll Roller Coaster & Star Tours - The Adventures Continue.  Many also were astounded by the different shows available including Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular. To finish the night, students had to option to view either the Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular (a light show in the streets of Hollywood Studios) or Fantasmic (a live show with lights, characters and more)! At the end of the night, everyone met safety, boarded the buses and came back to the hotel.  Check in went smoothly and many students were fast asleep after room check.  All in all, a great day in the parks at Disney.  


Tuesday, April 18- Performance Workshop/Epcot 

The morning got off to a slower start as everyone was allowed to sleep in a bit.  After everyone grabbed breakfast and packed their instruments, we departed for Epcot, the site of today's adventures.  Students were free to spend the most of the day enjoying Epcot.  Some of today's main attractions included Test Track, Soarin', & Mission: Space.  Besides rides, many students wandered around the World Showcase.  In the evening, everyone made it on time to the meeting place before the Disney Workshop.  At the workshop, students got to work with a world class musician, educator & arranger.  During the time at the workshop, students got a little insight into what being a professional musician in a recording studio is like.  The band got to record a few songs and a video was made with music, pictures and sound effects provided by the lovely directors.  All in all an eye opening experience.  After the workshop the group gathered to watch the amazing IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth.  Once finished we departed as a group for the buses.  Soon everyone was in their rooms for the night.  Today provided a great opportunity for students to discover the power of music and what it means to be a professional musician.  Another great day at Disney!

Wednesday, April 19th- Performance/Magic Kingdom

Anticipation filled the air as everyone awoke this morning.  Today was performance day.  The morning routine involved breakfast, dressing in performance clothing, loading and boarding the buses and departing for performance.  Soon we had arrived backstage.  There was a brief warm up and then we were walking out to the stage.  Performing in the elements is always a challenge and today was no exception.  However, the band performed well.  Too soon we were finished and walking offstage.  From there we changed out of our performance attire.  Before we left, we received a trophy to remember our performance by and each member of the band received a special pair of mickey mouse performing arts ears.  After the performance, the group took the ferry to Magic Kingdom.  Students were free to spend the afternoon and evening enjoying the many wonders of Magic Kingdom.  At the end of the night, we gathered as a group to watch the Wishes nighttime spectacular.  Once the magical show was complete, everyone departed on the monorail back to the buses.  Upon arrival back at the hotel, everyone got into their rooms quickly and sleep was upon all.  It was a magical day at Disney filled with an experience that will last a lifetime.  


Thursday, April 20- Beach!


After three long days packed with activities, the early morning wake up call proved to be difficult for everyone, some more than others.  The great part about getting up early was that everyone could sleep on the bus as it was over an hour ride to the Kennedy Space Center, the first stop of the day.  Upon arrival, students were free to wander the facility.  Many flocked to the Rocket Garden & the Atlantis.  By the end, almost everyone wished there was more time but no one wanted to sacrifice beach time.  Traveling to the next stop of the day provided yet another opportunity for a nap.  Stop number two was the famous Ron Jon Surf Shop.  Nearly everyone bought a souvenir.  Then it was lunch time at Cocoa Beach.  The food was amazing and many grabbed seconds.  Once lunch concluded, everyone hit the beach.  Most were swept away in waves and some even tried surfing.  Later there was also a massive game of frisbee.  Too soon it was time to depart from the beach.  The ride back to the hotel provided yet another opportunity for a nap.  At the hotel, students were allowed an hour to freshen up before heading to Disney Springs.  At Disney Springs, students were allowed to walk around and buy souvenirs.  At the end of the night students gathered to see the famous Cirque Du Soleli.  It was spectacular, breath-taking, brilliant displays of athleticism, grace & poise combined with stellar musical numbers.  No words can truly describe the experience.  That concluded the night.  Everyone departed back for the hotel and promptly fell asleep after another day well spent.