Scrip- On going all of the time

Students, immediate families, and non immediate families can all take part in this way to raise money for their ISA accounts. ISA accounts in the band department allow students to use the money they raise on trips or fees. Scrip works by purchasing giftcards to businesses that you already use. If the giftcard is purchased through script, a portion of it is given back to your individual accounts and can be reloaded at anytime. 

Just go to  and get started. Once you are set up you will need to email me the four digit code so your account can be verified. Orders are submitted once a month on the third Tuesday of the month. Take a look at the hand out below on how to order scrip.


Candy Bar Sale-

Currently we are getting rid of some previous candy bar fundraisers from other clubs. Students can sign out a box of 50 candy bars and sell them for $1.50 each. Student will earn 50% of sales into their ISA. When the entire box is sold, please send the money back to the band room safe. THERE ARE NO BOXES LEFT! Therefore get selling, and turn in the money when you have completed selling all candy bars!



Coming Soon!

Butter Braid-

Beginning on February 20th, band students will be selling Butter Braids. This delicious breakfast or dessert is perfect for large gatherings and may be something that people will want to stock up on. The proceeds from this fund raiser goes directly into student ISA accounts to be used toward Puerto Rico or other band expenses. 

Selling Dates: Feb 20- March 7

Delivery/Pick up Date: March 23


Currently we are looking to do other sales at the conclusion of our Candy Bar and Butter Braid sales. We will keep you posted as more is announced.