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Welcome to the Tosa West Marching Band Family and the 2017 season!


As a member of the West Band Family you have a tremendously exciting year to look forward to!  If you are new to our group, we urge you to become involved and to be a part of the growth, achievement, and success of all of our members.

As a lifelong marching band participant on several different levels, I am convinced that marching band is among the greatest activities for young people in our country today. Thousands of young musicians in Wisconsin and across the nation come together every fall in their own annual quest for marching and musical excellence!

For our West students, Marching Band means more than marching around trying to stay in step while attempting to play difficult music easily. Marching Band participation fosters physical, mental, and social development with potentially far reaching effects on personal growth, maturity, values and the overall quality of the high school experience for each member.

For example, students must be physically fit as they test balance, strength, and coordination while performing with grace and control. Mentally there is unrelenting demand for complex cognitive function that includes multi-tasking, critical thinking, and self-awareness. Complex social dynamics are constantly in play through working together for a common goal while encouraging the development of personal leadership skills, work ethic, personal values, and attitudes.

In addition, musical demands are extreme, with nothing less than perfection as the goal. Students are drilled in the fundamentals of music including breathing, tone production, technique, rhythm, and pulse control. Attention is paid to higher level musical concepts such as blend, balance, phrasing, tone colors, and ensemble nuance. Achieving high musical standards is a challenge for young musicians while attempting to make music inside the comfort of the performance hall.  Yet in Marching Band, students demonstrate these skills outside in the weather, wind, rain, (or snow) while marching backward, and monitoring all individual and ensemble visual responsibilities at the same time!

So please join me in supporting and honoring these great young people by coming out to performance events and becoming involved in your children’s growth and achievement.  Please take advantage of some of the many volunteer opportunities we have which are crucial to our growth and success. We simply cannot succeed without our committed and supportive band parents!


Tosa West

Program Information



This sheet provides a broad view of what incoming students can expect for the

2017-18 school year.

Exciting Plans:  Band Travel!

The full band will be taking a trip to a yet to be determined international destination in the spring of 2019.  A number of destinations are currently being considered  and the final choice will be based on world economic conditions, value, and available educational opportunities for our students.   


Frequently asked Questions:


  • Do I have time for marching band as a freshman?


  • Yes!  In fact, marching band membership will help make your transition to high school much easier, since you’ll have over 100 friends before school even begins.


  • Can I be in sports activities still participate in band?


  • Yes! Our band is comprised of students who participate in every seasonal athletic activity offered.  We make it work for you! You will never be discouraged from participating in any extra curricular activity. At West we are proud of the great working relationships we have with our coaches and staff.


  • Is marching band too hard and does it take too much time?


  • No!  Marching band concludes at the end of the 1st quarter so it is a very small part of the overall school year.   Our staff and student leadership will teach you everything you need to know in order to be successful.  We will also hold freshmen summer training opportunities so incoming members will be comfortable learning marching techniques and methods.  Marching band will be a time for accomplishment, success, friendship, travel, and the best times of your life!







Concert Band and Symphonic band are currently combined in one ensemble that is open to all students. During the first quarter, all band members participate in the Marching Band.  Second, third and fourth quarters focus on the preparation and performance of high school and college level band literature and the continued development of musical skills.  Band members perform at concerts, performances and WSMA contest. During the 3rd quarter we will have a select breakout group of our most advanced musicians performing the highest level literature possible.  Band is a year-long, one credit class.



The Marching Trojans Band performs at all home football games.  We also march in local and regional parades.  Recently the marching band has travelled to the Wisconsin Dells for overnight stays at the Kalahari or Wilderness while participating in the Wo Zha Wa Parade.  All marching band students attend a short but fun, learning packed week at the beginning of August. (After summer school is out and before fall athletic practices begin.)  There will be special consideration in training at our first camp meeting for freshmen to help them learn the basics of playing and maneuvering.  We will also help them integrate into high school life and by the time school starts; they will feel like veterans and will be surrounded by 100 friends and supporters.



These ensembles are open to all students with placement by audition. Jazz I will play advanced jazz literature and participate in several performances, workshops and festivals throughout the year. This class meets every other day on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  This is a year-long, 1 credit class. Enrollment in a concert ensemble is required for jazz band enrollment.

Jazz II focuses on the development of jazz style and improvisation.  This class meets the opposite days of Jazz I. Both ensembles will participate in concerts and WSMA contest. Both groups meet zero hour before school.





Pep band performs at home basketball games and other school functions.  Each student is asked to participate in a minimum number of pep band performances.  The minimum number is determined each school year. This is an exciting group that plays pop and classic rock music while entertaining thousands throughout the year.



The Tosa West Percussion Ensemble is an extra-curricular ensemble that performs at concerts, WSMA contest and various venues throughout the school year. This ensemble is musically demanding and requires additional rehearsals as scheduled by the director.



           Due to the high level of musical demand and limited preparation time, only the most advanced musicians may be invited to participate.