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We are happy that you are visiting our brand new web site as we get it up and running with plenty of “up to date” band information, booster plans, pictures, travel news, and links to happenings in the musical world around us.


This site is under continuous updates so visit often!


Welcome to the Trojan Band Family!!

Located below is the BAND SYLLABUS as well as the BAND HANDBOOK available for download for current/prospective Wauwatosa West Band Members


Breaking News


Our Band Camp Community performance will be Friday, August 4, at 4:30 P.M.

2017 Dells Trip and Wo Zha Wa Parade Information is now available on the Dells 2017 page!

Every September the Marching Band travels to the Dells for a weekend of fun and Marching in the famous Wo Zha Wa Parade.  Last year we had more than 90% participation in this fun packed event!  On September 16 and 17, 2017  the band will again be staying at the Wilderness Lodge, enjoying enjoying full water park and adventure park privileges. We will also be treated to a gourmet pizza party at Sarento's, and a breakfast feast of epic proportions at the World Famous Home of the Blue Ox, Paul Bunyan's.  The highlight is for the band is always marching in the incomparable Wo Zha Wa parade on Sunday!  Thousands of appreciative fans line the streets of the down town and it's thrilling to be part of this great event!  The trip is affordable, fun, and an important part of developing our group identity.  See the Dells 2017 page for forms and details!

Forms will be due by Wednesday, August 9. 


Band Camp 2017

"The Best of Broadway!"  is here! Band Camp this year went extremely well and the season is off to a great start! After the conclusion of the week, we were able to put the first two numbers on the field with music! Students will have performances on August 18th and September 1st. In order to get ready for these games, we will have rehearsals on Wednesday Evenings from 6:30-8:30. Please check the calendar tab for the most current schedule. Please continue to turn in your information for the annual trip to the Dells!

Orlando 2017

What an amazing trip! Take a peak at some of our photos in the Florida 2017 tab. Also, our commemorative trip video has been issued to all students who attended. It is a very nice keepsake with over 300 trip photos and a short performance video.

Mannheim Steamroller Concert DVD

The Holiday concert is available on DVD and Bluray. With the help of many dedicated individuals, we have a finished video project! DVD's will be sold for $10 to anyone who would like an copy of this outstanding performance. Please print out the form below, specify DVD or Bluray and put in the safe with $10 to receive your very own copy.